With children all over going “Back to School” again and the fall and holiday seasons rapidly approaching, Arts-n-Crafts are in abundance. Whether its for hobbies, activities to keep the kids busy, personal interest or to destress Arts-n-Crafts are quite popular.

For the September Tech Talk, I tried to find sites that offered a variety of choices and weren’t the regular sites everyone always hears about. I hope you enjoy the sites and the activities they offer.

A.C. Moore  A.C. Moore is a specialty retailer offering a vast selection of arts, crafts and floral merchandise to a broad demographic of customers. They also have a great slogan, Dream it. Create it. Share it. There is only one A.C. Moore near West Palm Beach, but it seems well worth the drive.

Etsy  Etsy is a online marketplace. The website offers a plethora of  handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies. These items cover a wide range including art, photography, clothing, jewelry, edibles, bath & beauty products, quilts, knick-knacks and toys. Individuals can also buy/sell their creations on the site.

Better Homes and Gardens Most people have seen Better Homes and Gardens magazine and know how much it offers in the realm of great ideas for decoration and home/garden accessories. You can get that online at their website and a page dedicated to all types of crafts. Click on the link above and get a look at all the tons of projects you can choose from.

Disney Family Fun We definitely couldn’t have art-n-crafts without mentioning Disney. They have been in the business of keeping kids happy and learning for decades. This Disney site is all about “Family Fun” and with that in mind have dozens of activities for families and small children. Take a look and share it with the family, I’m sure you all will be glad you did.

All Free Crafts As described on their site, All Free Crafts offers crafts, craft projects and patterns to make easy homemade gifts. The link above is specific to “Green Crafts”. I wanted to include this in the Tech Talk list because i know there are many eco-warriors out there nowadays and these crafts will appeal to them.

Lulu Lulu lets you lets you make, self-publish, print and sell print-on-demand books, e-books, photo books and calendars with free book publishing. This site is fun and empowers the user to also potentially have a side career with their crafts if they want.

Photovisi Photovisi is a free online collage maker. Its quick and easy and allows you to use templates, with 18 different choices to choose from to make your collages. The collages can be used as wallpapers, etc. No registration is required to use Photovisi.

SnapfishThis site allows you to create a personalized photo gift. You can make unique  gifts such as photo books, gifts for him & her, posters & more. Have a look around the site and see what you can use it to create for your family, friend or co-workers.

By LaShonda


Thanks to all you Digital Detectives who participated in Week 2.  The Mystery Title of the Week has not been solved!  If you would like try to guess the title again, go for it (click here for clues).

Hint: Google the search clues and see what you find!

Happy Holidays Everyone

 As always during the holiday season there’s so much going on like buying gifts, visiting family, decorations, celebrations and the like.

In that sense you know there are dozens of sites transitioning to holiday content for their members and others sites that exist solely for the season. I went in search of a few I thought really had the mindset of the season…caring, sharing, goodwill to your fellowman and some good ole’ fashioned Christmas spirit.

Take a look…

ABC Family  This site definitely believes in making Christmas a 25 day event and why not, it’s only one time a year.

Away    What a cool site. Its a travel guide site with expert tips, interest choices, times of year, etc. A new way to plan a great trip for any season during the year.

Photovisi   Want to make a nice collage instead of sending the family plain photos this season? Photovisi is a free collage maker that simple and fun to use. You can also save the collages as wallpapers for your own computer.

GuideStar  The holidays always make people more willing to give of themselves, so why not use GuideStar to help you find what you’re looking for. This site is a very detailed, comprehensive place to find information about philanthropic and non-profit organizations.

Thankfulfor  We should always be grateful for the good things in our lives. These things give us hope. This site lets you have a public/private journal of  personal gratitude. Something you can use daily.

and last but not least…

43Things   Have you ever needed positive reinforcement when trying to reach your goals? 43Things is a new type of social networking site that’s based on just that. It’s more about achieving the goals and hopes that you list rather than interpersonal links and gratuitous pics. You can keep a journal of your progress as well as find others like you who are trying to achieve something positive for themselves.

Well, now that I’ve shared those lovely sites with you all thats left to do is this…wish you a safe and happy holiday, a prosperous New Year and lots of love and laughter.

By LaShonda Faison

By LaShonda Faison

Interested in a new way to search online???

Something entirely new…

Want to see what you’re searching for and not just numerous links?

Look no further, Searchme is making a whole new way to search a reality. Searchme, not only provides a search engine but it optimizes your search by giving you visual presentations of sites you maybe looking for.

Yes, I said visuals. You get to review pages quickly to find what you are searching for before you click to go to the website directly.  You can also create stacks, and use searchme on your mobile.

So, what did you say you were looking for again music, videos, news, pictures…Betcha Searchme can find it, so come on Searchme, I dare you.




Searchme Adobe Search Results

Searchme Adobe Search Results




I saw this website in a magazine and thought it looked interesting and might be something I wanted to share with you. Sure enough, it is! The website is Super Cook. You input the ingredients you have a home and the website comes up with recipes that use those ingredients. Pretty cool idea! How often do you stand in front of your cabinets wondering what to make with the stuff you have without going to the grocery? I do it all the time!

It even tells you exactly how many recipes you can make, broken down into ‘Starters’, ‘Entrees’ and ‘Dessert’ categories. If a recipe requires ingredients you do not have, Supercook lists the additional ingredients you will need.

Supercook is a search engine, so it searches many different places on the web for recipes. I listed a bunch of ingredients I have and found a great recipe for Lemon and Parmesan Risotto. Give it a try, I found it fun to use and pretty darn useful!!!

I saw an article in the paper on Sunday and found it interesting. When I went to the website listed, it was even more interesting! How many of you have or have had a neighbor next door that drives you crazy? Or maybe they are really sweet? Bottom line is they are someone you would love to tell the world about! You finally have that chance! Go to RottenNeighbor.com and check it out.

This website was started only about a year ago but when I typed in West Palm Beach, a map appeared with a number of little red and green houses on it. It seems that the red houses designate a “rotten” neighbor and the green ones designate a good neighbor. All very interesting.

According the people behind this website, “RottenNeighbor.com is here to help. It’s the first real estate search engine of its kind, helping you find troublesome neighbors before you sign the paperwork on your new house, condo or apartment.”

Gotta admit, next time I move, I just might have to come back and check out the neighbors!