With children all over going “Back to School” again and the fall and holiday seasons rapidly approaching, Arts-n-Crafts are in abundance. Whether its for hobbies, activities to keep the kids busy, personal interest or to destress Arts-n-Crafts are quite popular.

For the September Tech Talk, I tried to find sites that offered a variety of choices and weren’t the regular sites everyone always hears about. I hope you enjoy the sites and the activities they offer.

A.C. Moore  A.C. Moore is a specialty retailer offering a vast selection of arts, crafts and floral merchandise to a broad demographic of customers. They also have a great slogan, Dream it. Create it. Share it. There is only one A.C. Moore near West Palm Beach, but it seems well worth the drive.

Etsy  Etsy is a online marketplace. The website offers a plethora of  handmade or vintage items as well as art and craft supplies. These items cover a wide range including art, photography, clothing, jewelry, edibles, bath & beauty products, quilts, knick-knacks and toys. Individuals can also buy/sell their creations on the site.

Better Homes and Gardens Most people have seen Better Homes and Gardens magazine and know how much it offers in the realm of great ideas for decoration and home/garden accessories. You can get that online at their website and a page dedicated to all types of crafts. Click on the link above and get a look at all the tons of projects you can choose from.

Disney Family Fun We definitely couldn’t have art-n-crafts without mentioning Disney. They have been in the business of keeping kids happy and learning for decades. This Disney site is all about “Family Fun” and with that in mind have dozens of activities for families and small children. Take a look and share it with the family, I’m sure you all will be glad you did.

All Free Crafts As described on their site, All Free Crafts offers crafts, craft projects and patterns to make easy homemade gifts. The link above is specific to “Green Crafts”. I wanted to include this in the Tech Talk list because i know there are many eco-warriors out there nowadays and these crafts will appeal to them.

Lulu Lulu lets you lets you make, self-publish, print and sell print-on-demand books, e-books, photo books and calendars with free book publishing. This site is fun and empowers the user to also potentially have a side career with their crafts if they want.

Photovisi Photovisi is a free online collage maker. Its quick and easy and allows you to use templates, with 18 different choices to choose from to make your collages. The collages can be used as wallpapers, etc. No registration is required to use Photovisi.

SnapfishThis site allows you to create a personalized photo gift. You can make unique  gifts such as photo books, gifts for him & her, posters & more. Have a look around the site and see what you can use it to create for your family, friend or co-workers.

By LaShonda


By LaShonda Faison

Interested in a new way to search online???

Something entirely new…

Want to see what you’re searching for and not just numerous links?

Look no further, Searchme is making a whole new way to search a reality. Searchme, not only provides a search engine but it optimizes your search by giving you visual presentations of sites you maybe looking for.

Yes, I said visuals. You get to review pages quickly to find what you are searching for before you click to go to the website directly.  You can also create stacks, and use searchme on your mobile.

So, what did you say you were looking for again music, videos, news, pictures…Betcha Searchme can find it, so come on Searchme, I dare you.




Searchme Adobe Search Results

Searchme Adobe Search Results




I saw an article in the Palm Beach Post today that looked interesting. It seems that Florida is one of six states to work with Google, along with California, Arizona, Michigan, Utah and Virginia.

What you might ask are they doing? Well, by agreeing to a common standard produced by Google and other search engines like Yahoo, documents can be found by simple queries on a search engine, rather than navigating individual state Web sites.

So far, records from the departments of State, Workforce Innovation, Education, Environmental Protection, Business and Professional Regulation and Law Enforcement have been made search-engine friendly and other agencies’ records will be added in the coming weeks.

For those of you who are already thinking about privacy issues, rest assured that only records already publicly available can be searched in this fashion.

I think I can state honestly that people who use the internet and search engines really love the search engine they use. It seems we either love them or we hate them… I use Google most of the time but check out others on a regular basis because I feel I need to be familiar with what’s out there.

What brought this up you might ask? Well, it was an article in the CNET News blog which discussed several of the major search engines and their never-ending race to be first! It seems that these: Google,, Microsoft Live Search, and Yahoo have all made some major changes this year beginning with Google’s update in May. followed in June and this week Microsoft has upgraded its Live Search. Chances are that Yahoo will be next.

So what does this mean for us? Well, for one thing, it means that any of the major search engines will quickly give us a great number of relevant results. It also means that we can now get images, videos, and other search types from any of these search engines.

I saw an ad on tv the other day for and, of course, had to check it out. I liked it, you should check it out for yourself…but will I switch from Google? No, probably not…but I will certainly suggest it as an alternative search engine.