Have you noticed that more and more websites are being advertised on tv and radio? I was recently in Colorado and saw a cute ad for a website called DexKnows. I didn’t know if the site only provided info for Colorado, but checked it out when I got home. It is actually a pretty cool site which I passed on to our reference librarians. So what does Dex know? Dex provides white and yellow page information, compares business profiles side by side, provides maps and directions, saves your favorite businesses and locations, and plans itineraries for you. Yes, there are other sites that do similar things, but I think Dex deserves a look!

Since coming home to Florida, I have heard another website advertised on the radio: EmployFlorida. Once again, this is a site you should check out if you are job searching or pass on to someone who is. Employ Florida links all of Florida’s workforce services—state and local—to each other. The state partners are Workforce Florida, the state policy and oversight board, and the Agency for Workforce Innovation, the state agency which administers workforce funds. At the local level there are twenty-four regional workforce boards that administer close to 100 “one-stop centers.” Together these organizations represent the Employ Florida network of workforce services and resources. The state and local boards are composed of educational, governmental and private business resources to address local workforce needs. Definitely, a website worth checking out!


Good morning ya’ll! I am in Colorado visiting my brother and his family this week and they are all out of the house for the moment, so I thought I would write a quick note about e-travel…. Don’t you love how you can research everything you need to know about traveling to just about anywhere online? From buying airline tickets to finding bus schedules, it’s all online and so easy to find! For this trip, I checked air travel prices in a number of places and then checked the airline website also. Since I was going to Colorado Springs, I did a little research (of course, I am a reference librarian after all!) to see what I might want to do while there. One site I found interesting was the Exerience Colorado Springs website which is the official website for the Convention and Visitors Bureaus. I found not only information on events and sites to see, but maps, coupons, weather info, etc.

Any time I go to a new city I like to check out the Visitor’s Center website. Any city worth its salt has a dynamite site to showcase their city. Of course, there are a zillion different travel sites; even most published travel guides have some sort of online version. I didn’t check those this time, but I often do!

Where do you go to get your travel info? Do you have a favorite site? Pass it on, I’d love to hear about it.


Have you been to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website lately? There is all sorts of stuff you can do online.

Now you can also provide emergency contact information that can only be accessed by a law enforcement officer in the event of an emergency. What an amazing idea this is! Think about it, if you get in an accident and can’t tell anyone who to call, who will they call?

I get an email every day from “The Cool Site of the Day” website. Begun in 1994, this website was the first of its kind. “Over the years, Cool Site of the Day has grown into a unique Internet guide that features great sites and the best deals on the Web.” (from their “About Us” page)

So every day, I get an email which gives me a new website to check out. Some of them don’t interest me, but many are very useful. For example, today’s website was “The US Congress Votes Database” from the Washington Post. Now, for a reference librarian, this is indeed cool stuff! In fact, I sent the link out to all the other reference librarians here. I did check this database out and found it easy to use, much easier than some of the “official” government sites.

So I invite you to check it out for yourself and if you are interested in experiencing a variety of websites, many that you would never see otherwise, sign up and vote along with me for “The Cool Site of the Day”.