Weeks one and two have been fun and we have two winners. Thank you to everyone who played.

Let’s get going with week 3! New book, new clues.

Here is this week’s first clue. click here.

The winner for week three will be announced on Saturday, July 10.

Oh, one other thing…you must be able to come into the library to pick up your book we will not be able to mail the book to you!



  It’s that time of year again when all the ghosts and ghouls big and small get ready for Halloween. But as usual there are things you must adhere to like safety. But you also want fun and creativity to be apart of the holiday season. With all these things in mind, the “Tech Talk” on October 20, 2009 sought to share some fun sites that deal with all those things. Check out the sites below to find fun, useful and in some cases little known resources.

IVillage This site is a cool resource for moms and women in general to use for day to day life, as well as the holidays. Check out the halloween section.

eHow This site is just what it says –  a ” how to” site that can be used for many things, in this case halloween safety. Feel free to search it for others things though.  This site is a fun resource for arts-and-crafts, DIY projects health and information in general for parents. Covers infants to big kids with great variety. We used it this particular time to zero in on halloween fun. Click on the link and check it out.

Food Network Many people watch Food Network shows so are familiar with this channel. We used it to help find some fun recipes to help make your Halloween a tasty and unique one.

Hauntworld If its halloweenesque, creepy, spooky, or grotesque, you should be able to find it on Hauntworld. It seems to be one stop shopping for locating all things spooktastic. It even boasts its own magazine. Give it a look-see if you love a good scare.

For extras on the Tech Talk menu these two sites seemed fun as well.

Rouxbe If you ever wanted to wow your friends Rouxbe can help. Its a online cooking school site. You can view videos and get receipes without a premium membership but for different fees you can sign up for specific types of memberships and get cooking lessons that even cooks partake of. Who ever thought there would be an online cooking school!

Holiday On the Menu What a fun way to travel!  A vacation for the food connosieur out there. Book a trip that has lush landscapes,hands on sessions with you and a gourmet chef or local, and you learning to prepare a gorgeous meal based on the country you’re visiting. It’s a rarity to find a trip like this and should be taken advantage of. Like all things travel, do your homework on the company first and the customs of the place you’re visiting. Its always better to travel smart.

So, Ghosts and Ghouls have a Happy Halloween. Picture2



By LaShonda


42-16147916Tech Talks are meant to be informative and fun. Giving the public a little bit more insight into websites we have found to be helpful, practical and generally easy to use. These sites are searched out or come across in day to day life and shared with the patrons at our library. Topics have ranged from gadgets, budgeting, and social networking to going green.

After hearing of the multitude of patrons seeking out doctors and/or prescriptions and information, I felt a new concept come to mind.

I’d have a Tech Talk devoted to medical websites that empower and inform our patrons. I thought, If there are so many sites on gadgets, games, social networking and the like I should be able to provide the same where medicine is concerned.” Then I set to work to make it happen. 

I, by no means am a font of knowledge when it comes to medicine but, I was lucky enough to run into a good source of information in the form of a great nurse named Janet. With all the pieces having fallen into place, I am happy to announce that on Tuesday, September 22nd from 12:30 pm-1:30 pm, we will be having a Tech Talk on sites that seek to help you take control when choosing doctors, be informed about alternative medicines & healthy foods, and find programs on discounted prescriptions.  Hope To See You There!!!

For more information please call the West Palm Beach Public Library @ 561-868-7760.

By LaShonda

Okay, the holiday shopping is over and now it’s time to figure out how to recoup the losses. I checked out some websites from Good Housekeeping  that are out there to help save dollars – especially for online shoppers.

Did you ever buy something, only to find the price dropped a week later? Priceprotectr is the site that watches falling prices for you. Register your purchases, sit back, and an e-mail will arrive if there is a price drop! You just need to claim it from the retailer.

When I am shopping online, often I’ll see the little “coupon code” box when I reach the checkout, but alas, not often do I have a code. Now I have a new friend – Retailmenot. This site searches out and collects the coupon codes for 15,000 online merchants! Just enter your e-tailer’s Web address and you will receive any current promotion codes. Another amazing site for saving is CellFire. You can have coupon codes sent right to your cell phone. Just show them at the checkout when you are shopping.

I find that some of the prices on e-Bay seem way out there. Honesty is a site that lets you know the average going price for an item on e-Bay and if it is on sale. It also links right to the listings.  Nice, clean, and handy.

Not that I should be thinking about more shopping already, but I found a good way to plan ahead. Two sites that can help are PriceSpider and WishRadar. With these sites, you register the amount you are willing to pay for an item and they will e-mail you when it becomes available at that price or lower. Create a “wish list” and wait for when the price is right. Maybe planning now will save me later. One can only hope.


Found any great ways to save on the Web? Share with us. Every little bit helps.



I found a great website ( that has access to just about any electronics manual you might want (for free)! You can scroll through the list of manufacturers or search for the company you are looking for. It also provides product reviews and store prices.

Their “About Us” says “We operate a smart but simple web site that makes finding, buying and using electronics fun. Our vision is to simplify and enhance people’s digital lifestyle.”

I’ve already found the site very useful and I think you will too. Definitely a website that needs to be bookmarked for later!

I am on vacation next week, so will not be blogging! Of course, since I will not be here, there are no classes planned for next week, but the week after we will have our very first Picasa class (Tuesday, October 21 at 10:00 am) and also the first of 2 Excel classes (Thursday, October 23 at 10:00 am) this month.

The Facebook class this month was so popular that we are planning another in December. We are also planning a class on Craigslist during November. So keep checking back for the new class schedule…should be out when I get back!

Maybe I’ll post a photo of the fall leaves…


In our continual effort to stay somewhere at the front of technology and all the social networking tools out there, the library has started a Twitter account! What the heck is Twitter, you may ask??? 

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?  

Ok, so now you are asking yourselves why you would care to tell others what you are doing…and you may not want to! But you might be interested in knowing what exciting events, programs and classes the library is offering each day. By signing up for a Twitter account and choosing to “follow” the library, you can easily get updates on what the library is doing. We have our very own “Twitterbrarian” who provides you with the latest on programs, library news and useful internet resources.

Interested?  Click the link and sign up for your free account!


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