Everyone knows summertime is one of the  busiest times of the year. Students are graduating, people are vacationing, hurricane season begins, and family members all want to visit. Here at the library it’s no less busy, kids and teens visiting in camps, families visiting along with our ever faithful regular visitors. With all these visitors I sought out an ecclectic array of websites for this June Tech Talk.

Below are the sites, please feel free to click on the site names and enjoy.

BoostUp — This is a website that allows you to reach out to someome who is stuggling and help them continue with their education. It’s aimed at highschool students from all walks of life and with a myriad of different personal issues that may be affecting them. Its all about “encouragement” and decreasing the highschool dropout rate.

DailyBurn — This site ia all about your health and fitness. It seeks to make you accountable for your own success or failure also. You can track what you eat, utilize food databases, keep logs of your workout and weight loss progress and so much more.

Chocri — As far as this site is concerned, I thought no one can tell you more than they can. So the following blurb is from their about page. Chocri is a German startup, founded in September 2008, but launched in the US in January 2010. What we do is we allow you to customize your own chocolate bar here on our website. You get to choose a base chocolate white, dark or milk chocolate), and then your favorites out of more than 100 toppings. Those can be nuts and dried fruit, but they can also be real gold flakes, roasted almonds, pretzel, chive rolls, jalapenos… you name it! They hand-make the bars in Germany, and ship them to you.

Dropbox Dropbox is a site thats growing in popularity due to it being an easy way to store, sync, and, share files online. There’s no complicated interface to learn. On the front page of the website it also has a 3-4 minute video explaining the process also. The concept is new and exciting and seems to be well worth it.

StoryCorps — StoryCorps is an independent nonprofit whose mission is to provide Americans of all backgrounds and beliefs with the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives. Since 2003, over 50,000 everyday people have interviewed family and friends through StoryCorps.

Take Part — Is a Social Activism website. It’s an  independent online community that connects its members directly to the issues that inspire them to engage, contribute and take action on a bevy of current global problems whether they be social, environmental, political and/or cultural.

The Creators ProjectThe Creators Project is a new network dedicated to the celebration of creativity and culture across media, and around the world. Its the revolution of a new kind of art for a newer audience that didnt know it existed.

By LaShonda Faison


I love springtime. It always carries the promise of growth and new possibilities. Here at the TechSource, springtime gives us the opportunity to teach something new and interesting-Windows 7! Released earlier this year, Windows 7 is the new and updated version of Microsoft Windows (the operating system for PC’s) which promises new ways to have fun and get things done on your PC.

Do you find yourself asking, “What exactly is Windows 7?” Come visit us at the TechSource for “Buying a New Computer” on March 13 or April 3. Our dedicated volunteer Jack Cook explains all of the ins and outs of Window 7 and how the new version stacks up to older versions.

Here is the lineup of classes offering the latest improvements from Windows 7:

Join us for some fun at the TechSource this spring!

~Technology- it takes you there~

~Tracie Seurer~

That is our theme for the New Year here on the Tech Floor and we have found plenty of opportunities to create a “New You” that don’t involve dieting and working out!  The New Year is a time for reflection and for creating changes that will positively impact our lives.  How about adding “learn something new” to your resolution list this year and be rewarded both personally and professionally?    

In January & February 2010, here are a few classes that will give you the opportunity to create a “New You” in the New Year.  Click on the links for dates & times or to register.


May you have a happy, healthy & prosperous 2010!

Technology ~ it takes you there

~ Tracie Seurer ~

As the year winds down, I have spent some time thinking about all the changes at the library this year. Moving into the our brand-new beautiful building with a whole floor dedicated to technology was definitely the highlight of my year. Working with my amazing staff has also added much to my life this year and then of course, there are our patrons who after all are the reason we are all here!!

Every day we are witnesses to amazing moments in our patrons’  lives.

  • Watching the wonder on someone’s face as they discover the internet and the world beyond it
  • Seeing the frustration disappear as we help someone who has no computer skills file for unemployment or food stamps
  • Spending time with a patron who is paralized and can hardly speak and seeing the joy on her face when we understand what she wants and find her dvd.

These and many similar events happen every day here at the library and sometimes we are so busy that we don’t stop and realize the difference we do make in the lives of many people.

So, I am going to take a deep breath and prepare myself for another crazy, busy, often frustrating year…but I am going to remember those faces and look forward to the many others I will see in 2010!

See you in 2010…we have lots of good stuff coming up…just for you!

Janice – Supervisor -Technology Floor

I saw something interesting on the Martin County Public Library site and thought I would pass it on to all of you! It is a Savings Calculator showing how much your library saves you each month. It is provided through the State Library of Florida and is really pretty darn interesting. Go ahead and give it a try!

Did you even know that we had a state library? We do and it actually is a wonderful archival source as well as providing a variety of services for the people of Florida.

I saw an article in the Palm Beach Post today that looked interesting. It seems that Florida is one of six states to work with Google, along with California, Arizona, Michigan, Utah and Virginia.

What you might ask are they doing? Well, by agreeing to a common standard produced by Google and other search engines like Yahoo, documents can be found by simple queries on a search engine, rather than navigating individual state Web sites.

So far, records from the departments of State, Workforce Innovation, Education, Environmental Protection, Business and Professional Regulation and Law Enforcement have been made search-engine friendly and other agencies’ records will be added in the coming weeks.

For those of you who are already thinking about privacy issues, rest assured that only records already publicly available can be searched in this fashion.

Have you noticed that more and more websites are being advertised on tv and radio? I was recently in Colorado and saw a cute ad for a website called DexKnows. I didn’t know if the site only provided info for Colorado, but checked it out when I got home. It is actually a pretty cool site which I passed on to our reference librarians. So what does Dex know? Dex provides white and yellow page information, compares business profiles side by side, provides maps and directions, saves your favorite businesses and locations, and plans itineraries for you. Yes, there are other sites that do similar things, but I think Dex deserves a look!

Since coming home to Florida, I have heard another website advertised on the radio: EmployFlorida. Once again, this is a site you should check out if you are job searching or pass on to someone who is. Employ Florida links all of Florida’s workforce services—state and local—to each other. The state partners are Workforce Florida, the state policy and oversight board, and the Agency for Workforce Innovation, the state agency which administers workforce funds. At the local level there are twenty-four regional workforce boards that administer close to 100 “one-stop centers.” Together these organizations represent the Employ Florida network of workforce services and resources. The state and local boards are composed of educational, governmental and private business resources to address local workforce needs. Definitely, a website worth checking out!

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