I get an email every day from “The Cool Site of the Day” website. Begun in 1994, this website was the first of its kind. “Over the years, Cool Site of the Day has grown into a unique Internet guide that features great sites and the best deals on the Web.” (from their “About Us” page)

So every day, I get an email which gives me a new website to check out. Some of them don’t interest me, but many are very useful. For example, today’s website was “The US Congress Votes Database” from the Washington Post. Now, for a reference librarian, this is indeed cool stuff! In fact, I sent the link out to all the other reference librarians here. I did check this database out and found it easy to use, much easier than some of the “official” government sites.

So I invite you to check it out for yourself and if you are interested in experiencing a variety of websites, many that you would never see otherwise, sign up and vote along with me for “The Cool Site of the Day”.


Lisa Webb, one of our tech-savvy librarians, passed on this article to me “Steal this book? Don’t bother!” published on Cnet News. So of course, I am passing it on to you because it gives me a great opportunity to share some of the internet resources that we have! The article discusses the fact that most people don’t realize that their library offers much more than books. According to CNet, “Libraries are offering more free search services, database access, articles, photos, eBooks, audiobooks, music and museum passes than ever. Chances are you are buying, subscribing to, or stealing something you can get for free with a library card.”

Did you know that you can get many of these things right here at the West Palm Beach Public Library? Our audiobooks on CD are very popular, but did you realize that we also have downloadable audiobooks that you can put on an MP3 player? Have you ever gone to our “Librarytogo” section of our website where we have gathered hundreds of websites that contain quality information? Have you ever looked at the databases we subscribe to?

If you haven’t, then this is your opportunity, no, let’s say challenge, to go and check these wonderful resources out for yourself! If you any questions along the way, email me!.

Janice, The Tech Librarian