I love springtime. It always carries the promise of growth and new possibilities. Here at the TechSource, springtime gives us the opportunity to teach something new and interesting-Windows 7! Released earlier this year, Windows 7 is the new and updated version of Microsoft Windows (the operating system for PC’s) which promises new ways to have fun and get things done on your PC.

Do you find yourself asking, “What exactly is Windows 7?” Come visit us at the TechSource for “Buying a New Computer” on March 13 or April 3. Our dedicated volunteer Jack Cook explains all of the ins and outs of Window 7 and how the new version stacks up to older versions.

Here is the lineup of classes offering the latest improvements from Windows 7:

Join us for some fun at the TechSource this spring!

~Technology- it takes you there~

~Tracie Seurer~


That is our theme for the New Year here on the Tech Floor and we have found plenty of opportunities to create a “New You” that don’t involve dieting and working out!  The New Year is a time for reflection and for creating changes that will positively impact our lives.  How about adding “learn something new” to your resolution list this year and be rewarded both personally and professionally?    

In January & February 2010, here are a few classes that will give you the opportunity to create a “New You” in the New Year.  Click on the links for dates & times or to register.


May you have a happy, healthy & prosperous 2010!

Technology ~ it takes you there

~ Tracie Seurer ~

Happy Holidays Everyone

 As always during the holiday season there’s so much going on like buying gifts, visiting family, decorations, celebrations and the like.

In that sense you know there are dozens of sites transitioning to holiday content for their members and others sites that exist solely for the season. I went in search of a few I thought really had the mindset of the season…caring, sharing, goodwill to your fellowman and some good ole’ fashioned Christmas spirit.

Take a look…

ABC Family  This site definitely believes in making Christmas a 25 day event and why not, it’s only one time a year.

Away    What a cool site. Its a travel guide site with expert tips, interest choices, times of year, etc. A new way to plan a great trip for any season during the year.

Photovisi   Want to make a nice collage instead of sending the family plain photos this season? Photovisi is a free collage maker that simple and fun to use. You can also save the collages as wallpapers for your own computer.

GuideStar  The holidays always make people more willing to give of themselves, so why not use GuideStar to help you find what you’re looking for. This site is a very detailed, comprehensive place to find information about philanthropic and non-profit organizations.

Thankfulfor  We should always be grateful for the good things in our lives. These things give us hope. This site lets you have a public/private journal of  personal gratitude. Something you can use daily.

and last but not least…

43Things   Have you ever needed positive reinforcement when trying to reach your goals? 43Things is a new type of social networking site that’s based on just that. It’s more about achieving the goals and hopes that you list rather than interpersonal links and gratuitous pics. You can keep a journal of your progress as well as find others like you who are trying to achieve something positive for themselves.

Well, now that I’ve shared those lovely sites with you all thats left to do is this…wish you a safe and happy holiday, a prosperous New Year and lots of love and laughter.

By LaShonda Faison


  It’s that time of year again when all the ghosts and ghouls big and small get ready for Halloween. But as usual there are things you must adhere to like safety. But you also want fun and creativity to be apart of the holiday season. With all these things in mind, the “Tech Talk” on October 20, 2009 sought to share some fun sites that deal with all those things. Check out the sites below to find fun, useful and in some cases little known resources.

IVillage This site is a cool resource for moms and women in general to use for day to day life, as well as the holidays. Check out the halloween section.

eHow This site is just what it says –  a ” how to” site that can be used for many things, in this case halloween safety. Feel free to search it for others things though.  This site is a fun resource for arts-and-crafts, DIY projects health and information in general for parents. Covers infants to big kids with great variety. We used it this particular time to zero in on halloween fun. Click on the link and check it out.

Food Network Many people watch Food Network shows so are familiar with this channel. We used it to help find some fun recipes to help make your Halloween a tasty and unique one.

Hauntworld If its halloweenesque, creepy, spooky, or grotesque, you should be able to find it on Hauntworld. It seems to be one stop shopping for locating all things spooktastic. It even boasts its own magazine. Give it a look-see if you love a good scare.

For extras on the Tech Talk menu these two sites seemed fun as well.

Rouxbe If you ever wanted to wow your friends Rouxbe can help. Its a online cooking school site. You can view videos and get receipes without a premium membership but for different fees you can sign up for specific types of memberships and get cooking lessons that even cooks partake of. Who ever thought there would be an online cooking school!

Holiday On the Menu What a fun way to travel!  A vacation for the food connosieur out there. Book a trip that has lush landscapes,hands on sessions with you and a gourmet chef or local, and you learning to prepare a gorgeous meal based on the country you’re visiting. It’s a rarity to find a trip like this and should be taken advantage of. Like all things travel, do your homework on the company first and the customs of the place you’re visiting. Its always better to travel smart.

So, Ghosts and Ghouls have a Happy Halloween. Picture2



By LaShonda


Summer’s over, school has started and it’s time to gear up for fall. The TechSource at your library is ready! We have an amazing lineup of classes and programs for you this fall.

Have you been to one of our Tech Talks yet? Our Tech Talks are a great opportunity to learn about and discuss some of the coolest stuff on the web and in the world of   technology. Beginning in September, we will have Tech Talks twice a month. Take a few minutes out of your day to join LaShonda, I guarantee you’ll learn something new!

In response to patron input, we are adding some new classes this fall. We will be offering Email 1 and 2 for those of you who do not have an email account. We have scheduled a Beginning Microsoft Word class on Saturday, September 19 and an Intermediate Microsoft Word class in the evening on Tuesday, September 22.

Interested in finding out more about your ancestors? On September 8 at 10:00 am, we will have a representative of the Palm Beach County Genealogical Society here to give us tips on genealogical research on the Internet.

For more information on these and all the other programs we offer, check the calendar online! There is something for everyone, so join us, we look forward to seeing you.


Have you ever been to the CommonCraft website? It is a great source for quick, easy, understandable explanations of web-based applications and a host of other things. As they say, “Our product is explanation. We make complex ideas easy to understand using short and simple videos.” They really do a great job!

 For instance, here is a short video explaining RSS: RSS in Plain English. RSS is a concept that is often difficult to get across in my computer classes and this video does a great job of explaining the basic concept.  We recently started a Twitter account at the library and have over a hundred people “following” us! Don’t know what that means? Check out this video: Twitter in Plain English.

So if there is a technology concept or tool that you don’t quite get,  check out CommonCraft. You may find the perfect explanation…plus they are really cute and fun to watch!


I am on vacation next week, so will not be blogging! Of course, since I will not be here, there are no classes planned for next week, but the week after we will have our very first Picasa class (Tuesday, October 21 at 10:00 am) and also the first of 2 Excel classes (Thursday, October 23 at 10:00 am) this month.

The Facebook class this month was so popular that we are planning another in December. We are also planning a class on Craigslist during November. So keep checking back for the new class schedule…should be out when I get back!

Maybe I’ll post a photo of the fall leaves…


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