Thought I would take a few minutes to talk about one of my favorite newspaper columns. Do you ever read “The Technobuddy” columns? The Technobuddy, Bill Husted, writes for the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and is syndicated across the country. I read his columns every Sunday in The Palm Beach Post. Whether you are new to technology or have been around a while, you will find something of interest in his columns. You can also find him at his website or his blog

In one of his recent columns, (back in August) he talked about what he considered high-tech needs. Now you may or may not agree, but the Technobuddy considers that a wide-screen monitor, HDTV, an external hard disk, a digital camera and GPS are essential pieces of technology. I have to admit he makes some good points and I certainly agree with him about some of these needs.  The wonderful thing is that most of these things have come down in price and are actually within reach for the average person. Certainly a wide screen used to be a luxury, but now I would use nothing else! GPS sounds wonderful, but I am not ready to pay the price, but give it time….it, too will come down!

If you read The Palm Beach Post, you can find “The Technobuddy” in the Business section on Sundays and he has a Q and A column on Mondays also in the Business section. Check him out, not only will you learn something, but his columns are fun to read!